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Welcome to the Ancient Art of Pranic Healing
and Secrets of the Soul

Imagine if you knew and understood the subtle laws of the universe, the subtle laws of energy, the subtle laws of life itself.

These mysterious laws have been the yearning of many great minds and Souls searching for the Truth about who we really are, what we are Truly made of and how we are part of the greater Universe.

Pranic Healing is a system that enables you to understand and tap into the very fabric of our existence - Universal Life Force Energy. You will learn about how we as Humans can harness this energy for healing, manifestation, and spiritual growth.

The complex maze of Ancient Knowledge, Esoteric symbols and Spiritual Inner Teachings has been navigated, systematized and validated with 20+ years of research and experimentation by great Modern Masters of Energy and is now available in a simple and effective form.


What is Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is an ancient Art and Science.  In modern times, many theosophists  and masters have written and used techniques of pranic healing.

All forms of pranic healing utilize prana or life energy to heal the whole physical body and involve the manipulation of vital life force (also known as Ki or Qi) and etheric matter in the patientís energy body. Pranic healing, involves sending Prana or Vital Life Force to the affected parts, thereby stimulating the cells and tissue to normal activity with the result of waste matter or diseased energies being ejected from the system, and normal conditions restored.

Our workshops provide simple, effective and powerful techniques that cleanse and energize the energy body and its chakras to allow them to function at their optimum. This in turn improves the way life force circulates and nourishes the physical body, bringing about an accelerated rate of healing.  The techniques produce consistent results and are easy to learn in a few sessions. More



We specialize in instructing and organizing a variety of workshops to stir the imagination and your Soul.  The workshops are based on select spiritual teachings offered through the ages and distilled into powerful and transformative techniques. 

We have come across these techniques, great insights, teachings, understanding, energy and upliftment from dedicated study and a loving Spiritual Teacher.

Through gratitude and a willingness to serve and assist others to experience the same, we actively assist in passing forward these enriching ancient teachings in our workshops.  This was the wish of our spiritual teacher and his teacher, and the great lineage of spiritual teachers that serve humanity.

The workshops can be taken individually or as a powerful and transformative Workshop Series that will give you advanced knowledge in a short period of time.  Additionally, you can enjoy substantial savings through our Workshop Series Packages or by taking advantage of our Early Bird offers


Meditation Practice

Meditation on Twin Hearts for Peace and Illumination is a powerful meditation technique that brings peace, love, joy and goodwill to Mother Earth.  It is also aimed at achieving divine consciousness or illumination. 

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For Light Streams Arhatic Yoga students, a fortnightly practice group is held through telephone bridge, where Arhatic Yoga techniques and principles are revised and practiced.  To participate, please call us on 02 9011 7993