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Customer Charter

We acknowledge and respect that your quest in expanding your knowledge in the science and art of healing is a personal one. So we honor this with our commitment and passion to provide you these workshops in a joyful and relaxed environment, and with a high degree of quality. Our Customer Charter gives you a more details on what we do, how we do it and our commitment and support to our clients.

What We do - Our Commitment to Serve You

Light Streams supports its students through a variety of methods:

  • Personal Support - An open ended commitment at each workshop is made to support our clients, including questions and assistance with self-healing if required through telephone and email.
  • Mentoring and Coaching This is available through teleconference and private phone calls.
  • Quarterly Newsletter an informative Quarterly publication sent by e-mail.
  • Low Re-sit Fees - To be a competent in any field, one must study it seriously and repeatedly.  Likewise, to be a competent healer, one must study, review the subject a number of times and practice repeatedly to master the skill.  We offer our customers a low re-site fee of our workshops for $77.  Only students of Light Streams are eligible for these low fees.
  • Practitioner Referral Program - For Pranic Healers who want to work together with us and are taking their skills to the next level, we have a referral program to help them get started on their practice.
  • Referral Programs - Once you learn pranic Healing it is likely that you will be telling your family or loved one how great you feel afterwards and be giving them treatments!  We acknowledge your referrals and provide you with incentives and rewards for doing this for referrals as well as becoming an organizer of workshops.
  • Student Section - Our website has a student section where you can get back issues of Newsletters, some reference material, and access to the Programs we run.


How We Do It - Our Commitment to Quality

At Light Streams we are passionate and committed to:

  • Maintaining integrity - By being independent providers of pranic healing workshops, we are able to discern and apply ourselves with complete integrity towards providing the knowledge and techniques, free of politics and other forces typical of large institutions or organizations.  We are not, in any way, related to the Institute of Inner Studies (Manila) or the NSW Pranic Healing Centre.  However, we are affiliated with Charlotte Anderson (wife and spiritual consort of Master Choa Kok Sui) and her Institute for Inner Sciences.
  • Making you comfortable and welcome - Doing what we can to ensure that your experience with us during our workshops is a pleasurable and exciting one, in a friendly, supportive and non judgmental environment where you are free to be, experience and transform yourself through pranic healing.
  • Professionalism - Offering you courteous, helpful, respectful and support to your needs.
  • Responsive - Handling your queries quickly, discreetly and with honesty and integrity.
  • Up to Date Information - Making sure you have the accurate and up to date information on opportunities to further your knowledge and spiritual growth.



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