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The Aura

An aura is a field of subtle energy that surrounds a person or living being.

This auric energy field interpenetrates the body and extends beyond the body as a luminous field.

To many the aura appears invisible, however there are some people who have clairvoyant abilities and can see this field around all living creatures.  With an awareness of this energy and simple techniques most people can learn to feel the aura of other people or possibly see it.

Kirlian Cameras and Scientific Validation of Auras

Kirlian cameras and other scientific instruments have been able to photograph and measure the amount of light emitted from the body.

Other scientists such as Fritz Albert Popp studied and measured biophotons from living organisms and have validated the existence of light emitted by living things.  The word biophoton is derived from the words ‘bio’ meaning "life" and photon meaning "light". 


The depiction of a halo on a saint or great spiritual teacher represents a person of particular power or holiness. Throughout the ages different creeds have depicted great souls with light radiating from and around the head.  Examples of this include depictions of Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Christian saints in fact nearly all religions have similar depictions.  In both Christian and Islamic faiths there is reference to the “body of light”

Theosophists, healers and spiritual teachers have gone on to discuss the different layers of the aura including, etheric aura, astral aura and mental aura to name a few. They also discuss the “anatomy of the aura” including energy channels or meridians and energy centres also known as chakras.

Spiritual Practice and the Aura

Spiritual practice gradually transforms the aura.  Spiritual practitioners particularly  from the Chinese Chi Kung systems, Indian yogic traditions and Tibetan traditions have developed potent practices to strengthen, transform the energy of the aura into a potent force.  It is thought in many traditions that the energy field or aura acts like a bridge to higher spiritual consciousness and development.