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Benefits of Pranic Energy Healing and Treatments
Increase your Energy, your Health, Reduce Stress
and remove the blocks that hold you back
Pranic Energy Healing can assist you to
bullet Increase your energy levels.
bullet Become stronger and healthier.
bullet Get back to health as fast as possible.
bullet Be empowered to heal yourself.
bullet Remove aches and pains.
bullet Learn how to heal your energy and your chakras.
bullet Become a more powerful healer.
bullet Maximize your energy every day.
bullet Enhance your energy and your life.
bullet Increase your own spiritual connection.
bullet Feel better than you’ve felt in ages.
  Before treatment     After treatment

You can use Pranic Energy Healing

Here are just a few of the benefits you will find in practicing Pranic Healing on yourself or others -

bullet A completely natural system of healing
bullet Compliments other healing modalities and orthodox medical treatment
bullet Safe and easy to learn
bullet Increases your energy levels
bullet Increases the size and strength of your aura
bullet Thoroughly heals your chakras
bullet Accelerates the healing of conditions many many times
bullet Improves your health and immunity
bullet Improves mental clarity
bullet Increases personal power
bullet Assists both acute and chronic conditions
bullet Gives a greater understanding of your true nature
bullet Gives a greater understanding of your energy field and chakras
bullet Learn to heal yourself
bullet Learn to heal and help others
bullet Balances your emotions
bullet Removes stress, anxiety and depression
bullet Improves self esteem and self confidence
bullet Improves ability to succeed and achieve prosperity
bullet Improves meditation and spiritual connection
bullet Benefits novices and experienced practitioners alike
bullet Anyone young or old can learn it
bullet Simple and systemized techniques
bullet Empowering and inspiring

What can be Treated with
Pranic Energy Healing

Pranic Healing does not replace orthodox medicine, but rather it is intended to supplement it. For this reason, we advice that should an ailment persist, you visit a medical doctor and apply Pranic Healing treatments to accelerate the recovery process.

There are many treatments that you will learn at the workshops which typically can provide you with very fast results.  At the workshops themselves, students are reducing or completely removing pain from shoulders, arms and legs, back and headaches in just a few minutes.

However, some conditions will require a number of treatments, sometimes on-going.  Below are just SOME of the treatments that are documented and you can learn to apply yourself, and gives you an idea of how people are using Pranic healing to help themselves and others:

bullet Headaches and Migraines
bullet Eye strain or tired eyes
bullet Nearsightedness or Farsightedness
bullet Glaucoma
bullet Sore eyes
bullet Ear aches
bullet Ear infections
bullet Ruptured Eardrums
bullet Tinnitus
bullet Nose bleeds
bullet Tooth aches
bullet Sore Throat and Laryngitis
bullet Colds with cough and stuffy nose
bullet Sinusitis
bullet Pneumonia
bullet Emphysema
bullet Bronchitis
bullet Asthma
bullet Mumps and Tonsillitis
bullet Chronic Cough
bullet Fever
bullet Hiccups
bullet Stomach Pains
bullet Diarrhea or Constipation
bullet Hepatitis
bullet Indigestion
bullet Gastrointestinal Ulcers
bullet Hemorrhoids
bullet Pancreatitis
bullet Gallstones
bullet Assimilation problems
bullet Vomiting
bullet High Cholesterol
bullet Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers
bullet Urinary Tract Infection
bullet Enlarged Prostate
bullet Kidney and Bladder infections
bullet Sexual Impotence
bullet Infertility
bullet Period pain
bullet Irregular Menstruation
bullet Ovarian cysts
bullet Prolapsed Uterus
bullet Facilitating Pregnancy
bullet Facilitating Birthing process
bullet Hastening Recovery after Childbirth
bullet Diabetes due to body's inability to use insulin
bullet Pancreatic diabetes due to insufficient insulin
bullet Hyperthyroidism
bullet Muscle pain or sprains
bullet Lower Back Pains
bullet Sciatica
bullet Frozen Shoulders
bullet Stiff Neck
bullet Systemic Lupus
bullet Muscle Cramps
bullet Bursitis
bullet Sprain
bullet Torn Tendons
bullet Dislocation
bullet Inflammation of muscles and tendons
bullet Scoliosis
bullet Broken Bones
bullet Arthritis, Rheumatism, Osteoarthritis
bullet Gout
bullet Anemia
bullet Acute Allergies
bullet Autoimmune ailments
bullet Leukemia
bullet Bell's Palsy
bullet Facial tics
bullet Numbness
bullet Epilepsy
bullet Parkinson's disease
bullet Encephalitis and Meningitis
bullet Benign Tumors
bullet Relieving Cancer patients
bullet Minor burns
bullet Cuts and wounds
bullet Insect wounds
bullet Sunburn
bullet Eczema and skin ailments
bullet Psoriasis
bullet Thinning Hair
bullet Boils
bullet Insomnia
bullet General Weakness
bullet Strengthening the Immune System
bullet Hypertension
bullet Heart Ailments
bullet Irregular Heartbeat
bullet Enlarged Heart
bullet Rheumatic Heart
bullet Arteriosclerosis
bullet Hypertension
bullet Hypotension
bullet Varicose veins
bullet Paralysis due to stroke
bullet Facilitating Birthing process
bullet Preventative healing
bullet Strengthening the patient prior to surgery
bullet Stress
bullet Irritability
bullet Anxiety
bullet Grief
bullet Hysteria
bullet Phobias
bullet Traumas
bullet Obsession
bullet Compulsions
bullet Smoking addiction
bullet Drug addictions
bullet Depression
bullet Violence
bullet Paranoia

In Pranic healing you will learn how to design your own treatments to a specific ailment or modify and adapt existing treatments for the condition you are treating.

Important Notice
bullet Pranic Energy Healing does not replace orthodox medicine, but it assists and compliments it.
bullet Pranic Energy Healing does not make any form of Medical Diagnosis.
bullet Pranic Energy Healing does not include any form of Medications.