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Do you just instruct workshops or do you run a Clinic where I can try Pranic Healing?

We run a clinic Melbourne and we have a clinic on the weekends where we conduct a workshop in Sydney.  Alternatively, we also have Pranic Healing Practitioner Affiliates in Sydney with frequent clinics.

How old do you have to be to attend your workshops?

The standard minimum age for attending a Pranic Healing workshop is 18 years of age.

Do you offer any form of student support after the workshops?

We offer more than just a workshop.  We have monthly clinics, monthly seminars which are also open to the public, coaching and mentoring as well as a number affiliate of programs that students can join.  Our Customer Charter indicates the services we carry out.  You can visit our Customer Charter here.

Does Pranic Healing involve any sort of breath work?

Pranic Healing is different from Pranayama (meaning lengthening of breath) which is practiced by other schools.  Pranic Healing involves the manipulation of life force in out bodies to restore wellbeing and accelerate the rate of healing.  there are many techniques used, and one of them is a simple breathing rhythm.

Isn't it all the same?  Isn't energy just energy?  Why is Pranic Healing different?

There are many different types of energy just as there are many different types of healing modalities.  Each type of energy has its own properties just like each type of healing modality has its own techniques and effectiveness.  As an example, there are many types of fuel (energy) that you can get at a petrol station - Regular, Lead Replacement, Diesel, LPG etc.  Although acupuncture, Chi Gong, Reiki and Pranic Healing are energy based  modalities, their techniques are very different.  To view the differences between Pranic Healing and other modalities, visit our What is Pranic Healing page here

Do you need to be a clairvoyant to do Pranic Healing?

You do not need to be a clairvoyant to practice Pranic Healing effectively, or even to master it.  One needs to simply follow the simple instructions given and apply these with diligence.  Pranic Healing has its own technique to scan the energy to determine the areas that need to be treated.

What is Super Brain Yoga

Super Brain Yoga is a simple and effective technique to energize and recharge the brain. It is based on the principles of subtle energy and ear acupuncture.  This powerful technique is explained in Master Choa Kok Sui's latest book Super Brain Yoga.  You can visit our Media page to read testimonials and articles on Super Brain Yoga.