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Meditation on Twin Hearts

Meditation on Twin Hearts for Peace and Illumination is a powerful meditation technique that brings peace, love, joy and goodwill to Mother Earth.  It is also aimed at achieving divine consciousness or illumination. 

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"When the Water is Turbulent, it is difficult to see through it.  Meditation on Twin Hearts reduces your Inner Turbulence.  There is Calmness and Stillness.  Your internal condition is Transformed."  

quote by MCKS, Beyond the Mind

The "Twin Hearts" refer to the Heart and Crown energy centres or chakras.  The heart energy centre is the centre of human love and seat of higher refined emotions.  The crown energy centre (also called the spiritual heart) is the centre of divine love and gateway to higher spiritual consciousness.  The crown centre can only be sufficiently activated when the heart centre is first fully activated.  Divine love can only be experienced when higher refined emotions are fully expressed.  When the heart and crown centres are highly developed, one experiences divine love and oneness with all

This meditation has touched the lives of millions of people as it brings peace, love, joy, healing, hope and reconciliation.  In major cities around the world, weekly group meditations by people of many religions and backgrounds have produced beneficial results on the individual, on the group and on their communities.  When done as a group, the potency of the blessing is magnified many times more.

Learn the Twin Hearts Meditation

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Meditation on Twin Hearts


Meditation Groups

Twin Hearts meditation groups are available to the public.  A voluntary donation is optional to assist in the promotion and maintenance of the group.

The benefits of Group Meditation are quite significant.  During group meditation, the power generated is enormous.  When meditating in a group, the vibrations of the practitioners are increased significantly, accelerating our own progress and practice in meditation as well as out spiritual evolution. 


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