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Pranic Healing Testimonials

"I have had a frozen shoulder for over 2 years.  During the Basic Pranic healing workshop, after Pranic Healing on the shoulder, I have regained full movement and there is no pain." 

Lewis G

"After accidentally pouring a full pot of boiling water over my hand, I was able to remove the pain, redness and avoid any blistering by doing Pranic healing on it.  After 1 day the hand was back to normal!"

Yelena P

"My daughter had an accident and damaged her front teeth.  The dentist was sure she would loose them, but after 1 week of Pranic Healing or regular healing he was amazed that both front teeth were completely restored and saved"

Elina L

An Amazing Life Saving Testimonial

In April 2006, I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness.  Yet my healing journey began a few days before the diagnosis when my spirit, or my higher self or my guardian angels began to guide and protect me for what was to come.  The first inkling that something was in the air was when I received an email from a Darwin Psychologist regarding a course, something about Pranic healing that I had never heard of before.  We had already booked plane tickets to go for for 3 days for my annual medical check-up.  I opened the attachment and read the course details and there was something about it, which resonated with me and my wife Fabi felt the same.  We both felt it was important to fit this course into our trip and somehow, it all worked out, which convinced me even more that it was the right thing to do.

We were to arrive on the Wednesday, then a Specialist appointment on the Thursday, Friday shopping, Weekend Pranic Healing and back to Alice Springs and to work on the Monday.  As I sit writing this, now that it is all over, I can hardly comprehend the amazing journey my wife and I have been on.  Following the trauma of the diagnosis on the Thursday appointment our whole world seemed to crumble and Thursday and Friday was spent in a state of shock.  Suddenly work did not seem so important anymore but life did!  It was during those two days when we both felt that there was some synchronicity at play - that the Pranic Workshop had come into our reality for a reason and a sense of calm seemed to envelop us as we prepared for the workshop on Saturday morning. 

So it was with this strong sense of synchronicity that we attended the Basic Pranic Workshop.  I learned about Twin hearts meditation, how to sweep and cleanse my chakras which I did every day for the 3 weeks leading up to my operation.  Throughout this time over the course of many doctor appointments and numerous pet scans, cat scans and x-rays and appointments with speiclaists, I somehow continued to experience a sense of calm and inner peace.  Instead of feeling I was being swallowed up by the hospital system and feeling paralyzed by fear, I felt there were higher energies surrounding us.  Me and my wife were even able to respond more effectively and even find the humorous side of situations which usually would have been really overwhelming.    

The night before my operation, I booked a one on one healing treatment with Enrique.  During the healing, I could actually feel warmth in various parts of my body, which I felt to be blocked, and at the same time, I felt a wonderful sense of connection to life. 

The next morning I underwent an eight hour operation, but had organized a Pranic Healing during my operation and I had invoked for the healing angels to protect me. During the procedure, my spleen was damaged, and I had lost a litre and a half of blood.  The doctors later advised me that they were about to take it out, but the bleeding just suddenly stopped and they decided to leave it there.

The doctors were amazed at my speedy recovery. When they went to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to check on me they were very surprised that I had already gone down to the ward as they had told me I could be in ICU for two to three days.  A few hours after the operation I was sitting up, chatting and even went for a short walk with the assistance of my physiotherapist.  I continued to improve and after an anxious wait, my pathology results came back which again amazed the specialist who had operated on me and did not expect such good results from what he had seen. 

Despite experiencing an infection (from my damaged spleen) which resulted in a blood clot and a month of antibiotics, once again after receiving a Pranic healing treatment from Enrique, my blood tests came back the next day with all the levels normal.  The doctors described it as a "brisk" healing response.

During the 3 months, we attended the Advanced Pranic Healing Workshop and Pranic Psychotherapy Workshop and the people we met felt like part of our family.

I continue to do well and after a month in Tuscany with my wifes family I am now back at home slowly going back to work.

My experience has shown me the healing power of energy, which we all have access to and Pranic Healing makes it so simple and has truly been a blessing in my life when I needed it most.  I would like to thank all the people I have met on this amazing journey and of course all the angels who I always believed in but never really felt as I do now, for looking after me during that turmoil time.  

Sean R

"I'd like to let you know that I gained immense benefits form the distant healing I received from you.  I feel much calmer, centered and motivated.  The stress I was carrying has dropped off and I am able to work much better and more efficiently"

Aiden T

"After a Pranic Healing treatment I was able to reduce intense pain from an acute urinary infection.  After two more treatments the infection was gone"

Teresa J

"I am now able to stop my children's noise bleeds instantaneously through the use of Pranic Healing"

Merima J