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Workshop Testimonials
from Light Streams Students

All testimonials are shared with permission from Light Streams students. Use of these testimonials other than by Light Streams is strictly prohibited.

Below are some of our recent testimonials and feedback of our own students participating in the Light Streams workshops.  We hope you are encourage to partake in the experience we provide you as pert of learning Pranic Healing...


"A weekend to remember !  So many thnaks to the beauty and simplicity of these teachings.  Not only are they a divine blessing but a blessing to feel and appreciate the blessing we all share - love!  Thank you !!"

Natham D, NSW

"My public speaking phobia was healed !!  Unbelievable shift !  I have enjoyed this weekend so much"

Kat F, NSW

"I love the way that the knowledge is presented in such a systematic and clear way.  It's like a recipe or formula which when followed clearly gives excellent results.  It's like energy technology that can be applied to all aspects of life, and I feel inspired to apply the techniques to my life as well as help others."

Lily D, 2010

"I thoroughly enjoyed the repeat of this workshops.  I was newly challenged and freshly inspired !  Thank you Carolyn and Enrique for your complimentary and invaluable teaching styles, experience and commitment."

Judy M, 2010

"I feel more at peace with myself and more content.  Very helpful and insightful for all ages.  Teachings are nice, not too full on.  Good Vibrations !.  Thank you"

Abbie R, 2010

"These courses are so interesting...  The use of colours makes it so quick !  The techniques are so advanced...  Thank you Enrique and Carolyn for bringing these teachings to us.

Melchor G, 2010

"What an amazing experience !  Have loved this weekend, full of activities and very well presented.  Will definitely be back for more!"

Katrina F, 2010

"Already I feel this weekend is the beginning of a wonderful new adventure. One of delving deeper into the nature of energy and healing and the self  indeed the interconnectedness of all things.  Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in such matters, not matter how mild or profound"

John G, NSW

"I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day workshop.  time just flew !!  It was presented very clearly in a concise way, very easy for the beginner and lay person, though so informative and diverse, touching on many aspects of the healing modality... physically, spiritually, emotionally  (at the basic workshop level).  I'm intrigued to find out more at the next workshop... so exciting.  this is the best workshop I have been to.  It is all so relevant and useful, and well structured."

Adelina P, NSW

"It has opened my eyes to so many aspects of healing and also given me answers to many questions, and helped me to apply healing in a pure and divine way which is effective and safe, and done with love.  I loved it all.  The 2 days workshop did not wear me down, but did the opposite and I feel awesome.  Thanks to both of you !!

Gretchen V, NSW

"Enrique was knowledgeable and completely teaching without ego, so every person felt valued as a member of the whole experience.  He kept to the subject being taught and dealt with very difficult or profound questions with humility and dignity, and got straight back to the course content.  I loved the experience and can't wait for the Advanced workshop!

Karlene P, NSW

"This workshop I really enjoyed and was always interesting.  For anyone looking for knowledge and techniques in healing, understanding of the energy body, self-healing, and appreciating the energy around us, this is a valuable workshop.  It is taught so simply though very divinely powerful.  Understanding comes easily due to the wonderful way that the teachings are presented.  They are really a great team and great teachers.  Thank you both.

Roslyn F, NSW

"I very much enjoyed the weekend.  The teachings were clear and well presented.  It was refreshing to experience a no non-sense direct approach to energy healing and meditation.  It has given me clear directions to help my own process as well as a powerful tool to help others."

Lily D, NSW

"This is an excellent workshop with an excellent facilitator.  Much useful information for healing myself and for being a healer"

Elaine S, NSW

"The workshop was not only informative and interesting on an intellectual level, but reaffirming and mind-opening on a spiritual plane.  The energy that was shared and given was always from a place of pure intent and love, and one feels these sentiments very strongly... whether you are receiving or giving healing energy!  Thank you for the beautiful weekend!  The workshop was amazing!

Yasmin W, NSW

"Great workshop !  Logical thread to all elements, easy to follow.  Integrated with all my past training so embracing all great teachings and models/  Very practical.  I have learnt techniques that are immediately applicable... and the energy in the workshop was clean and powerful"

Janis L, NSW

"I understood the concept of Energy and Chakras, and how they affect our physical body.  Great course.  Thank you very much for the teachings"

Paresh M, NSW

"Yesterday after I arrived home from the workshop, I felt as if the house was full of happy atmosphere.  I had a renewed wish to maintain happiness in my house.  I felt very light and happy, as if I had got rid off some weight on my shoulders.  The workshop was conducted in an excellent manner, allowing a lot of interaction among participants - it was like an extended family.  And the delivery was excellent and well paced"

Chandra C, NSW

"It is a wonderful workshop and is meant for everyone.  The workshop helped me recognize and experience the energy around me and feel part of the beautiful Universe even more .  Some very very useful and knowledgeable tips and techniques shared in the workshop"

Prachi C, NSW

"A very moving workshop.  Enrique is a very good instructor.  You learn so much about energy work, as a patient and as a healer.  I highly recommend the workshop to anyone who is interested in energy work"

Rosa M, NSW

"I have sincerely enjoyed the weekend.  I came with limited knowledge and experience but with an open mind.. and have walked out with an amazing experience!"

Louise S, NSW

"I was at first a little concerned that I would not be able to see or sense, and I was truly surprised, amazed and grateful to Enrique for showing me how easy it actually is.  My confidence has grown tremendously, and I am truly grateful and inspired to continue on this journey".

Rachel N, NSW

"What a wonderful experience to share this workshop.  Life changing!!"

Lina A, NSW

"I feel as though this course has made me feel so confident in my abilities as a healer.  The techniques taught are simple, yet the results are impressive!"

Michelle C, NSW

"I am pretty amazed about the stuff taught over this 2 day workshop!"

Kasia K, NSW

"One of the best workshops I have been on.  You made everything look easy and applicable.  You have great teaching skills as well as a pleasant personality."

Amela A, NSW

A Change for the Better

"Since having completed the courses I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better.

I have found that I am in better control of my life in all aspects ranging from the small matters such as controlling my coffee intake through to the biggest of issues, namely, my relationship with God.

These courses have given me the answers to questions I have been asking myself for many years and has allowed me the opportunity to develop spiritually at a noticeable rate. It has also given me the gift of being able to assist some people in the healing of some long standing ailments. I say “assist” because it is evident that through Pranic Healing you learn how to become an instrument through which healing is facilitated and accelerated.

As a result of my having attended the courses I have also found that I can perform certain physical exercises which prior to attending the courses I was unable to do. This immediate physical breakthrough happened at the first course. I have also found that my thinking has been a lot clearer and when I do the Twin Hearts Meditation regularly and consistently I have an inner peace which is beyond description.

In addition to the above, by having attended these courses I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and some exceptional people.

I do appreciate that I am at the beginning of my “Journey” but can sincerely say that it is a journey I will travel for the rest of my life. I wish this wonderful eye-and-soul-opening experience on everyone."

Vic G

"As I have never had any contact with Pranic Healing, I was very impressed with the weekend.  I learnt a lot and it was very genuine from the instructor.

Alfredo M, NSW

"These are excellent workshops.  Through the weekends I have furthered my personal development and spirituality.  I can't wait to start using the techniques!"

Renee A, NSW

"Thank you Enrique for offering these wonderful workshops!  I now have been introduced to new technique's higher learning and a better understanding of just how amazing these techniques are for healing.  The workshops were presented very professionally, it was all concise, effective, enlightening, spiritual and fun!"

Kim C, NSW

"The Pranic Healing courses were truly inspirational and empowering.  It was a high standard of presentation and most of all it was fun so that learning and practicing the techniques was made easy"

Satyapram M, NSW

"Brilliant !!   I feel that attending the workshops has helped me and given ,e tools to treat my family, my pets and my friends.  The weekend was just perfect, very enjoyable and very interesting.  Congratulations and thank you!"

Carol W, NSW

"The information presented was explained simply.  It was very comprehensive.  The meditations and healings were amazing!!"

Maureen M, NSW

"I have had a wonderful weekend, being opened to a new awareness with the added ability to help myself and others.  the course is well structured and I commend Enrique and Carolyn on their ability, commitment and dedication in providing this experience for personal and human progression"

Brett T, NSW

"I feel empowered that I can learn and use this gift.  Knowing that we all have the ability is one thing, but gaining steps to put it to practice for the greater good is fantastic."

Kristie W, NSW

"Wow!!  this is the best trip I have ever been on !!  I am filled with more joy than ever before.  The weekend was fabulous, Life Changing, Amazing, Miraculous!!"

Rachel S, NSW

"Much much more that I expected.  Struth...  Muchas Gracias - Thank You !  The information alone, was of great value.  The techniques were the marzipan icing on the cake - and oh,.., so much icing!!.  Perfect balance of information, demonstration and hand-on!"

Leslie K, NSW

"I believe I have been waiting almost 20 years to discover these teachings... and finally it happened!  It encompasses all that I have ever searched for!  I am in awe of the power, so simply understood and practiced.  Absolutely wonderful weekend.  Brilliant"

Allison T, NSW

"The seminar was indeed much more than I expected.  I was truly blown away by the feeling of the energy that just flowed effortlessly"

Robyn, NSW

"Just after the first day of the Basic workshop I was able to treat a friend who was having hiatus hernia attack and was able to relieve her of the pain!!  It was a great workshop - very professional and efficient"

Cheryl H, NSW

"Very impressed with the course, it has opened my perspective on healing and I have renewed optimism about helping and healing others.  Very well taught, very interesting subject, excellent format including practical and theory"

Kim G, NSW

"Thank you so much for a great weekend.  I found the whole experience to be inspiring and a lot of fun."

Corinne K, NSW

"This weekend has helped me immensely with my spiritual journey.  I would highly recommend it as it is the best workshop I have done so far"

Lynette DLV, NSW

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops!  Enrique and Carolyn deliver a professional, enlightening and interesting workshop which is hands-on and lots of fun.  You both command a wonderful presence and deliver a world-class workshop and service.  Well done!!"

Kim C, NSW

"I have really enjoyed the workshops!!  I feel truly blessed to have been able to participate in the healings and learning.  Many thanks and blessings to Enrique and Carolyn for passing on the knowledge and wonderful techniques with love, patience,  You are both wonderful teachers!!  Very supportive and helpful.  Thank you!!"

Bonnie E, NSW

"I came into the weekend looking forward to the workshop but feeling a little stressed.  I have found the entire experience uplifting and rewarding (words do not do justice!)  I have found all the techniques are bringing together everything that is happening in my personal spiritual journey.  It has all been done with loving kindness, gentleness, and I am feeling so blissful and joyful.  Thank you so very much, I feel so blessed !

"The workshops have definitely opened up opportunities for me in my practice.  It seems limitless to what it can do and the possibilities are overwhelming!  Thank you"

Brigitte O

"I feel more connected, my vision seems to be brighter.  I have felt so uplifted, connecting to my soul - it is the most wonderful experience.  I was very doubting to start with, I was not sure about all of this.  I have a different concept now about healing, and it is all I want to do !"

Ursula H

"Thank you!!  I thought it would take many years of meditation and "cave dwelling" to achieve the feelings of universal love and divine energy!!   Blessed, blessed blessed...  Thank you!!"

Natasha O'L

"After the workshops I felt a marked improvement in my state of mind.  My skin was glowing, I felt joyful and hopeful, whereas before I was feeling depressed and anxious.  I felt like a deep grief had also been released.  The classes have been inspiring and extremely enjoyable.  I felt for most of the time that I never wanted to leave the room!  (This is coming from a person who has a history of social anxiety and finds it extremely hard to sit comfortably in class situations!)

Nonie K

"I was expecting to leave the Basic workshop with greater understanding and some knowledge.  My expectations have been exceeded!  I now have the knowledge and the know-how to heal, and am amazed at how simple healing is.  Am amazed at the simple processes involved.  Already using my new knowledge for good".

Tanya B

"I have found the  workshop amazing.  I have already been using the techniques on my family and it is fantastic!"

Shirley G

"So much knowledge, so much power and energy to discover.  Incredible, rejuvenating and far beyond my expectations"

Anastacia J

"The techniques shared by Enrique and Carolyn have given me a deeper more comprehensive insight into this energy and how to use this to heal myself and others.  It has helped me to grow emotionally, spiritually.  It has helped me to let go of a lot of unnecessary emotional baggage.  It has given me tools to grow spiritually and to empower myself"

David J

"I felt throughout the weekend inspired and eager to learn.  The whole workshop was presented in a very easy way to understand and everything flowed easily.  It has opened many ways for every aspect of life"

Marianne B

"This weekend has given me the feeling that I have found "my place".  The way I feel is too much to write down!  I am so excited about the next workshop, then the next and next...  !   I look forward to all the information, knowledge, energy, health, guidance, spirituality - everything I intend to receive in through the next workshops.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Jessica H

"Just a short note to thank you for your kind assistance during the workshops, it has been a real blessing to be a part of something so incredibly special and valuable.  I must say that I could never have guessed how I would feel about these teachings at the start.  I am really happy that I continued on because something major has fallen into place for me which is truly a blessing.
I feel that this opportunity has given me a structure which I feel very comfortable within; I have been a seeker since I was a  child but never committed myself to any discipline, nor ever wanted to. I am amazed at the changes it has made in my own inner life and I am very excited about being able to help others on such a profound level. What a gift to give! "

Marie B

"This is a brilliant course for modern life. It offers practical, easy to use techniques that everyone can use daily to improve every aspect of their lives. …I feel a considerable change already in my life: a new zest, a greater calm and freedom to move forward in many ways or tackle new challenges. Previously I had been fearful and phobic."

Gail Ann T

"As a naturopath, the information learned has been especially valuable. I found a tremendous boost in my own energy levels from the first day of the basic course. It was a very welcome change going to a weekend seminar in the midst of busy working weeks and coming away feeling like I had been on a very relaxing holiday break! Besides the ability to better maintain my own energy levels, straight away I was able to apply the techniques to previously "difficult" cases with break-through results."

Jane McA

"At the beginning of the workshop I had some areas of concern regarding my physical state and financial stresses.  These were all improved on the completion of the first day and 98% alleviated by the second day.  I found the teachings very simple yet very profound at all levels, and the techniques provided useful and practical ways of applying in all areas of life and spirituality."

Rita B

"Just wanted to thank you for the workshop. I really enjoyed it and have taken it on in my healings. In fact, it's the only healing work I'm doing now and am amazed with the results and feedback."

Steve H