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The Energy Body
The Human Body is made up of two distinct parts, although closely related to each other.  The first part is the visible physical body that we are familiar with.  The second part is invisible to most, and is called the Aura, Energy Body or Etheric Body.  The Etheric or Energy Body is also called the Aura or Bio-plasmic body. It surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body and vivifies it. It controls the physical body and psycho-emotional and spiritual states. It has channels of energy that circulate Prana to nourish the system and physical body. The Energy Body also stores all information, particularly the original causes of physical, emotional and mental imbalances. We have an inner aura, extending a few centimetres past the surface of the physical body, and an outer aura, which is like an egg-shaped shell extending a few feet past the physical body. The energy body is not only around the physical body, it actually interpenetrates it as well.

We are not just beings of matter.  We are also beings of energy and light. As Beings of Energy we are inherently very powerful and given the effective tools we can unleash this power for good health, personal development and success in life as well as to help others.


Scientists validate the existence of the energy body and Kirlian photography and GDV cameras that provide evidence that it exists.

Before Pranic Healing

Fig 1

After Cleansing with prana

Fig 2

After Cleansing and Energizing with prana

Fig 3

The above images show the effect of Pranic Healing on mitomycin, a biological product.

Fig 1 shows the normal energy field around the substance, as recorded by kirlian cameras.
Fig 2 shows the energy field after the substance has been cleansed.  We can clearly see the increase in density pf the energy field.
Fig 3 shows the energy field after cleansing and energising.  Not only has the energy field almost doubled, but the length of the energy streamers has also increased.

Research by the All India Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation Trust in conjunction with Apollo Hospital, Chennai and the Pranic Healing Foundation of Tamil Nadu.


Before Pranic Healing

After Pranic Healing

Before Pranic Healing

After Pranic Healing

The above images show the energy field around ten fingertips before and after 10 sessions of pranic healing.  The images also show the energy field of the whole energy body (computer generated image based on the results of Kirlian GDV images) before and after the same 10 Pranic Healing sessions.

Kirlian GDV images by the All India Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation Trust. Research by Ms Rama Devi.

Pranic Energy Healing techniques use a system of major, minor chakras  and mini chakras located throughout the etheric and physical body.  These Chakras are like 'gates' or energy centres through which pranic energy goes in and out.

Just like you have internal organs that perform specific functions in your physical body, the energy body has centers or chakras which also have specific functions in controlling physical, mental, psycho-emotional and spiritual states. The chakras are similar to power stations, providing fuel for the different systems to function effectively. And just like you have veins and arteries that distribute and circulate blood in the physical body, there are meridians or nadis in the energy body that move energy around.

 The degree of our personal power, the quality of our physical , psycho-emotional and, mental health , our spiritual development , our success in the material world and in relationships depends on the quality of our energy body - the size, strength, health, brightness and cleanliness of our chakras.

Common knowledge on chakras deals with 7 major chakras.  The in-depth knowledge of additional chakras used in Pranic Energy Healing workshops of our Energy MasteryTM series provide an invaluable specialized tool for effecting healing.

Why is it important to extend your knowledge to these additional chakras? Not having knowledge of all these chakras and their functions, is a limitation in the ability to heal. Imagine going to a physician who has no knowledge of some of your internal organs. - they would be limited in the treatments they can give you.