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What is Pranic Energy Healing

Pranic Energy Healing is based on the manipulation of the bioenergetic field or human aura and through the projection of Life Force, also called "prana" in Sanskrit.  Prana permeates physical organs, the etheric body and the aura. Pranic healing can be used to manipulate the energy of both physical organs and the chakra system. It can be used to relieve pain, cleanse and re-energize depleted and malfunctioning organs in the body, increase the overall energy level or promote a relaxed state.

Pranic Healing utilizes Life Force or Prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy, and to heal by accelerating the rate of self healing and self recovery of the human physical body.

All forms of Energy Healing through subtle energies are based on the fundamental principle that the body has its own ability to recover, and the principle for life to exist, the body must have Life Force, also known as Ki, Qi or Prana. 

Pranic Energy Healing can accelerate the body's own healing by increasing Life Force on the affected part/s and on the entire body.  This is achieved through a comprehensive set of techniques that involve cleansing and energizing the affected parts and corresponding chakras with colour vibrations.

All beings have energy fields which are commonly known as the aura.  These fields are also called the Energy Body.  The energy field comprises of 2 elements - an Inner and an Outer Aura.  Additionally, in the energy body there are different energy centers that in the yoga tradition are also called Chakras. These chakras are a rotating energy centers that have a role in the proper function of the physical organs and the endocrine system in the human body.

Pranic Energy Healing techniques use a system of major, minor chakras  and mini chakras located throughout the etheric and physical body. 

These energy centers continuously absorb prana form the surroundings and expel used up and diseased energy back into the surroundings.

When there is accumulation of diseased energy in any of these energy centers they start malfunctioning, and in the long run the organs under the influence of this energy centre are also affected. If this diseased energy is removed form the energy centre, it starts functioning an optimum level so that healthy Life Force can be distributed to it optimally to bring about the recovery and restoration of health.

There is an intimate relationship between the Energy Body and the Physical Body. What affects one affects the other. Hence if the Energy Body is healthy the Physical Body will be healthy. This is why it is extremely important to keep the Energy Body healthy.  (more on the Energy Body)

Brief History - Western Perspective

In the western world, already from the late 17th century techniques involving tranbsference of subtle energy and thought were being developed by Franz Anton Mesmer.  these techniques were being called at the time  "animal magnetism" (the word animal derived from anim - meaning breath or soul). The method of pranic healing and the occult science surrounding it is described in books by the author William Walker Atkinson, who wrote under numerous pen names, including the name Yogi Ramacharaka. Under this name, in 1903, he wrote described methods for affecting healing by communicating with the "intelligence" of the organs and systems of the body by transmitting energy and projecting instructions to the affected parts or organs. He used the term "Pranic Healing" to describe this method.

The hidden science of the various techniques of pranic healing is given in books by Madame Helena P. Blavatsky and her predecessors. Some of the most valuable of these to the understanding of how pranic healing works are those books by Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater, entitled, "Thought Forms." Also, Arthur E. Powell's "The Etheric Double" is essential to the understanding the bioenergetic nature of organs and the entire physical body, and in Chapter XVII he describes some fundamental processes involved in Pranic Healing. Some of this body of work has recently been adapted to modern times by Master Choa Kok Sui and subsequently by Stephen Co and Dr Robbins.

Brief History - Eastern Perspective

According to some, there are five levels of healing skills in Cheine Medical Science.


Level 1 involves "tuena" massage or accupressure.


Level 2 is where th ehealer uses herbs, minerals and sometimes animal products to heal.


Level 3 utilizes acupuncture and moxibustion.


Level 4 actively manipulates "chi," of the patient by using acupuncture with the projection of chi through the needles into the meridians and internal organs.


Level 5 requiring the highest healing skill, is the projection of chi energy without the use of needles or physical contact. The chi energy can be projected from close range or at a great distance -- even from one continent to another. In ancient China and India, the technique of projecting chi in the manner of a fifth level healer has been a closely guarded secret down through the ages, with the most hidden aspect being the ability to project chi without the healer getting drained of his own energy.

This projection of chi energy without physical contact is called "medical chi kung," and it is divided into two schools:


The internal medical chi kung school is by far the more well-known and more popular school. However, internal medical chi kung is also quite difficult to master, for it requires that the healer practice for many years in order to develop sufficient internal chi so that the healer can project his surplus into another person for healing. The use of one's own chi energy for healing also has another drawback: It is quite exhausting, which is why Chinese medical doctors who use this technique typically heal only two to three patients per day.


The external medical chi kung school is less popular and much less known to the public. Practitioners of this school learn to draw in chi energy from the air and the earth, and then direct it to the patient for healing. The external medical chi kung school is superior to the internal school, primarily because it does not drain the healer. In fact, a good external medical chi kung master can heal as many as 20-30 patients per day. It is also easier to learn and apply.  Pranic Energy Healing is a form of external medical chi kung.

Chi Kung has been practiced in various forms for over 3000 years, and its history is well documented in both medical and martial arts disciplines.

Clinical Research Results

Research performed by Dr Ramesh (medical surgeon) and Cliff Saldana shows that we have tremendous capacity to accelerate the body's own rate of healing.

Download Dr Ramesh's presentation of their Clinical Research.