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Inner Teachings of Hinduism Revealed
MCKS unveils the mysteries behind the nature of various Indian Deities.

Duration: 1 Day, 10am - 6pm

Master Choa Kok Sui unveils the mysteries behind the nature of the various Indian deities and how we can access their energies for self – transformation and self healing.

Whether you belong to Hindu religion or not, you will find this workshop immensely enlightening, educational and enjoyable.

Hinduism is a religion that dates back at least 8,000 years. Drawing from his wealth of knowledge of different religions plus direct transmission from his Teacher, Master Choa Kok Sui has cut through the superstitious beliefs and reveals the inner meaning and significance behind the different Hindu deities, symbols, rituals and practices.

Learn how to increase brain power using an ancient yogic technique. This simple technique can be taught to children to make them super intelligent. Adults can practice this as well to prevent senility in old age. This one technique alone is priceless.

You will gain a deep understanding of the essence behind the symbols see in Hindu temples and paintings, and you will be enlightened and empowered by Teachings and the Esoteric Practices.

bullet Why do deities like Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama or Lord Hanuman appear as blue – coloured skin and what spiritual aspect do they symbolically represent?
bullet What is the symbolic meaning of Lord Krishna (and other deities) standing on top of the Cobra and with a Peacock Feather on his head?
bullet Who is Lord Ganesh? What is the symbolism behind Lord Ganesh’s elephant head?… and the broken tusk? How is he connected with the Kundalini shakti?
bullet Was Lord Hanuman really a monkey? Why was he able to move a mountain? Where Does his power come from?
bullet What does it mean to be a true Bramacharya? Why is Lord Krishna a true Bramacharya?
bullet What is the real meaning of Sat Chit Ananda?
bullet How can you use the Aarthi fire to clean the aura and the chakras?
bullet What is the meaning of the Hindu forehead marking and how can one use this to bring down Divine energy?
bullet And much more