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Pranic Energy Healing Level 2
Psycho-emotional techniques and Energy Protection for Self Defense

PRE-REQUISITE: Completion of Pranic Energy Healing Level 1

This workshop complements modern medicine to help alleviate rapidly emotional and mental imbalances through esoteric principles and techniques that have long been hidden.

In this workshop Energy Healing techniques are applied in the treatment of emotions and the psyche and advanced protection through Energy shields.

Quickly and Safely alleviate Psycho-emotional imbalances or Regain Peace of Mind and Control over Emotions, and then Learn how to Shield and Protect yourself from the whirl-wind of Thoughts and Emotions that can have a negative effect on us. 

During the workshop you will get detailed knowledge of the chakras, the way they affect our behavior to obtain an in-depth understanding of ourselves. You will also learn powerful concepts, principles and techniques of healing the emotions and the psyche.  You will also learn how to create Energy shields to protect your Peace of Mind and avoid negative effects of negative thoughts aimed towards us as well as others taking our energy.  You will learn:

bullet Access energy of the Higher Self.
bullet Psychological functions of the major chakras
bullet How to de-clutter your mind and have more peace;
bullet Dissolve negative thoughts and emotions;
bullet Powerfully help the healing of
bullet Addictions;
bullet Fear and Phobias;
bullet Traumas;
bullet Shame and Guilt;
bullet Grief;
bullet Depression;
bullet Anxiety and Stress;
bullet Techniques for Relationship healing
bullet Energy Interconnectedness and the need for Energy Protection;
bullet Learn how to create specialized Energy Shields to protect your energy, mind and emotions from being affected by psychic attacks and negative thoughts directed to us. 
bullet Protect your home, family, business and ideas.
bullet Making specialized energy shields to protect yourself or others;
bullet The Do's and Dont's of creating Energy Shields;
bullet Tools for diverting negativity so that it does not get to you;
bullet How to create talismans that will protect you;
bullet Protect against "energy vampires";
bullet Ways to cleanse the environment;
bullet and more...